Understanding Candida and Some of its Ramifications 

How Getting a Handle on it Can Change Your Life!

What is candida? 


Candida is a dimorphic organism, meaning it can exist in two shapes and forms simultaneously.  One form is a yeast-like state that is a non-invasive, sugar-fermenting organism.  The other is a fungal form that produces very long root-like structures, called rhizoids, that can penetrate the mucosa and is invasive.

What makes candida bad? 

In its yeast form, it is actually beneficial.  We all have this form of candida in our bodies.  "Friendly" bacteria and a healthy immune system prevent this yeast from becoming an infectious fungus.

It is when our bodies lose their proper immune protection, or the intestinal pH is altered unfavorably, that the organism can change from the yeast form to the fungal form.  When this happens, the now-parasitic fungal form penetrates the gastrointestinal mucosa and breaks down the boundary between the intestinal tract and the rest of the circulation in our bodies.  This allows partially digested dietary proteins to travel into the bloodstream, where they exert a powerful antigenic (antibody-stimulating) assault on the immune system.

It is estimated that a startling 80% of the population has Candidiasis that is out of control!

What causes the change from good to bad?   

There are many theories.  Most naturopaths concur that the conversion happens due to some sort of attack on our immune systems -- either prolonged antibiotic use, taking steroids or oral contraceptives on a regular basis, or a high sugar diet.  It could be a combination of these.  It is also conjectured that candida increases its numbers during periods of stress and lowered immune states.


How do I know if I have Candida? 


How does ThreeLac help? 

As its name implies, ThreeLac contains three forms of spore-forming lactic acid bacteria.  These live microorganisms purge your intestinal tract of the parasitic, fungal form of candida.  At the same time, ThreeLac helps to balance the pH levels in our bodies.

The secret behind ThreeLac's effectiveness is the micro-encapsulation process that gets the candida-fighting live bacteria safely past the acidic environment in the stomach.  These oxygen-friendly bacteria go to work "dining" on anaerobic problem organisms that you don't want.

Everyone using Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) has provided their body with a head start - you already have created a rich oxygen environment that ThreeLac loves.

What happens when I take ThreeLac? 

You will probably experience constipation.  As the candida organisms are dying off, they collect in the intestines, and your bowel becomes impacted.  We recommend that you take a fiber product for the first few days when you start taking ThreeLac.  And always drink plenty of water.

You will want to take one LHB capsule at the same time.  As ThreeLac works, the enzymatic action provided by LHB helps to break down the die-off and create a favorable environment for moving it along.

Will I need to change my diet? 


There are no dietary restrictions.  However, for general health reasons, use common sense and avoid processed sweets.  Eat your sweets "raw" in the form of fresh fruit.  Eat a "good diet" rich in nutritious foods.

What does ThreeLac taste like? 

It is a pleasant, lemon-tasting powder.

More information, please!

A very specialized pharmaceutical company in Japan holds the proprietary secrets behind this all-natural product, and Global Health Trax was selected to be the exclusive distributor on the North American continent.  Japan sold 53 million dollars of this product last year along! Anyone in America, Canada, or Mexico who wants ThreeLac must come to a GHT Member to buy it.

Exciting Testimonials 


C. L., ND PhD Chancellor, SD 


Your new product ThreeLac will be one of the most exciting products for Global Health Trax yet. I am finding a great need to get rid of Candida problems for so many, many clients who have been so used to antibiotics in the past that Candida is a major problem in America.

A client of mine used Nystatin for eleven months, and I still found two types of Candida and four types of Aspergillus. After she had taken ThreeLac two times daily for eleven days, I found no Candida or Aspergillus. She had no side effects and she stopped her Nystatin cold turkey on her own with not a problem. Earlier she had tried cutting back slowly and always had to return to her regular dose.


Testimonial from Annette VanVoorst (Dr. L.’s client): 


I had Candida for many years. It got so severe that I was in bed for two months. I went to numerous doctors and specialists and spent $10,000.00 in tests. They found nothing. I saw a doctor who put me on Nystatin. I was supposed to be on it for two to six months, but got severely sick whenever I tried to wean myself off it. I was told to never go off Nystatin “cold turkey” or I would get Candida back three times as bad. I took Nystatin for 11 months.


I went on the ThreeLac on April 30th. I took myself off Nystatin “cold turkey” and took the ThreeLac (twice a day) for 11 days, and never felt sick or had adverse reactions.


It was easy to take and tasted good. I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to take ThreeLac! My husband and four children are going to start taking it! I expect we will all be feeling much better!


Understanding the Benefits of a Healing Cleanse 

This is one of the most critical issues for better health


There is an area of great misunderstanding and confusion in the nutrition field. It is the failure to understand and interpret the symptoms and changes that will occur after implementing an improved nutrition program. What can be expected to happen when a marked improvement in diet is begun? Remarkable things begin to happen in the mind and body. When the quality of nutrition or food entering the body is higher quality than the quality of tissue the body is made of, the "body intelligence" senses this, and begins to discard the lower grade materials and tissues and begins "constructing" new cells and tissues with the superior elements provided. There will be signs or symptoms that are recognizable when lower grade food elements are eliminated and more alive, superior quality food elements are introduced into the body. If stimulant use such as caffeinated coffee, tea or chocolate is discontinued, headaches may occur. This is because the body is discarding toxic residue of caffeine and theobromine, which the body is removing from its tissues and transporting through the bloodstream during its many circulatory rounds. Before these toxins reach the final destination for elimination, these irritating toxins may overwhelm the body’s filtration system. The process of removal and elimination out of the body is an incredible cleansing process that is desirable. cleansing symptoms usually do not persist more than a few days, but can include, in addition to headaches, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, lethargy, or general malaise.


During this initial cleansing phase, which lasts about 10 days on average but may last as long as several weeks in very toxic individuals, the body’s vital energies that usually exist in the external areas of the body, such as muscles and skin, begin to shift to internal organs for the purpose of the reconstruction phase. This shifting of power to the internal region may produce a feeling of decreased energy in the muscles, and the mind may interpret this as weakness. Actually, power is probably increased, but that power is being used to rebuild and reconstruct important organs and less energy is available for muscular function. Interesting feelings begin to appear as an improved diet and nutrition program gradually raises the quality of food in the daily diet. The "body intelligence" reasons something such as: "Oh! Look at this superior material I can use. I can now get rid of all the old garbage and start to rebuild beautiful new cells and tissues." The body will begin immediately to eliminate excess bile from the liver and the gallbladder and send it to the intestines. It will also begin to move sludge from the arteries, veins and capillaries. The smelly, gassy, brain-stupefying masses that have been building up in the body will be eliminated. Arthritic deposits in and on the joints will be cleaned up. The toxic residue from irritating food preservatives, pharmaceuticals, aspirin, sleeping pills and tobacco that have burdened the body for so long, along with masses of fat, will be eliminated.


This first phase is called catabolism, and the process involves the elimination or breaking down of tissue. This is the body’s way of beginning to clean house - in short, to remove the garbage deposited in all the tissues. Waste materials will be discarded more rapidly than new tissue can be made from the new food and nutrients being supplied to the body. Other symptoms may also persist for a while, and then the second phase or stabilization will begin.


During the second phase, the amount of waste material being discarded on a daily basis will be more equal to the amount of tissue that is being formed and replaced by newer, higher quality foods. This should occur after an excess of material in the tissues has been eliminated. This phase will persist for a while before being followed by a third phase, a period called anabolism. At this point, most of the wastes will have been discarded.


The symptoms that will occur from a superior nutritional program could be a tendency to eliminate poisons or harmful drugs through the skin. People who have a tendency toward recurring skin rashes or eruptions will be most likely to experience this symptom. If they were to go, at this point, to a doctor who is not familiar with this aspect of nutrition this condition may be diagnosed as an allergy. They may ask their physician, "How is it that I’m eating better than ever before and I seem to be developing skin problems?" The doctor and the patient simply don’t understand the body’s process of retracing. The skin is becoming more alive and more active and is throwing out poisons very rapidly. Understand that these symptoms are constructive, even though they may be unpleasant. But do not try to stop these symptoms because they are part of a healthy process.


Cleansing symptoms do not indicate deficiencies or allergies as a rule.


Symptoms will vary according to the kinds of toxic and poisonous materials being discarded by the body. The symptoms experienced will depend on the condition of the organs involved in elimination and the amount of physical energy that is available to complete this process. The more an individual can rest and sleep, the more tolerable the symptoms will be. Be happy you’re having these symptoms. Realize that your body can become healthier each day, as you throw off and eliminate the wastes and poisons that would eventually have brought disease or even pain and suffering. Those who have the worst symptoms or reactions and follow through to successful cleansing may be avoiding some very serious diseases that would eventually have developed had they continued their poor dietary habits.


As your body becomes more and more healthy, even if you become sick, illness should be shorter in duration followed by longer and longer periods of wellness until you reach a level plateau of vibrant health. Let us give ourselves this chance to experience just what it means to be healthy and fully alive.

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