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What's So Special About Silica?

Silica is pretty much a forgotten mineral. Ironically, it is one of the most important minerals. I was first exposed to Silica from a Homeopathic book I bought shortly after I got married in 1972. This book explains the twelve basic minerals that the body must have to be healthy and Silica is one of them. Unfortunately, when you learn something almost 30 years ago, you kind of forget about it.


The Biochemic Handbook states: "Silica is a constituent of the hair, skin, nails and surfaces of the bones. It also acts in the manner of an insulator of the nerves. Silica is a cleanser and eliminator." In the book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, it says this: "Silica is necessary for bone and connective tissue (collagen) formation, for healthy nails, skin and hair, and for calcium absorption in the early stages of bone formation. It is needed to maintain flexible arteries, and plays a major role in preventing cardiovascular disease. Silica counteracts the effects of aluminum on the body and is important in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease and osteoporosis. Silica levels decrease with aging and, therefore, are needed in larger amounts by the elderly." Could it be that's really what people need instead of all the emphasis on calcium?


The TV commercials these days focus on your need for calcium, but silica is needed to fix the calcium into the bone matrix. I myself have never had long fingernails. Besides being I guess so mineral deficient that I chewed them, they were so weak they were practically like paper. Since my older lady friend started using the Silica and was having some major results, I decided to try it. I actually stopped biting my nails and they started growing out with no effort on my part. I had always thought chewing my nails was just a bad habit, in reality it was a symptom of a mineral deficiency. Since the Silica Plus was the only product the company had besides the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) that I was taking, then it had to be silica that I was lacking. After over 45+ years of life this was quite amazing to me. And after the first two weeks of using it, I noticed such a dramatic difference in the skin of my face, that was the icing on the cake. I really think some women would actually sell their jewelry before giving up their Silica Plus.


This is why we are seeing some amazing things in people that have joint problems like arthritis, in people with breathing problems like asthma (Read Tommy Jo's testimony), bronchitis and emphysema and it is needed to keep the arteries flexible. It is also why people are falling and not getting broken bones like they might under normal circumstances. Silica also stimulates the immune system. One naturopathic doctor who is now using all these products in his practice, said his respect for Silica Plus keeps growing immensely.


My friend Tommy Jo can not at the present time live without the Silica Plus. It keeps her breathing and she needs to continue on higher dosages for a while, until her body gets built back up. I explained how her body is like a house she painted a different color every year. If you are 45, then you have 45 layers of paint. Now you decide you want to get down to the bare wood. You MUST go thru all those layers to get to it. Just like paint on a house that covers up the old stuff underneath, you'll forget what colors were even under there. Most people have layered over minor problems with a more serious problems until you get to be like Tommy Jo, a universal reactor. The old saying: "the straw that breaks the camel's back" really applies here. They just can't handle any more and become a reactor.


It takes time & energy for your body to cleanse and eliminate. Once you cleanse some, then your body spends some of it's energy to do rebuilding and repair work. The body is capable

of healing itself. I mentioned before that I subscribe to Dr. Schulze' theory that there is no such thing as an incurable disease. But most people aren't willing to focus first on cleansing and eliminating in order to free up the energy to be able to focus on repair work.


Tommy Jo is feeling so good now that she told me her husband wants to send me flowers. There is nothing like helping people learn how to help themselves get well. I just talked to a lady that started using Oxygen 17 days ago. She said she had an operation in 1954 on her ear drum and had been deaf in that ear ever since 1954! After 17 days, she was shocked to have some hearing in that ear again! Is that really a miracle? It might seem like it, but it's not. The body is capable of healing itself. There is nothing like helping people learn how to help themselves get back to good health.


People ask me which one should they use, the Silica Plus or the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus). Well, I try to swap back and forth with each one throughout the day. Silica, even though in a base of Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus), does not quite have the same oxygenating effect as the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus). I personally don't want to deprive myself of either of these products. So one time I use drops of Silica and the next time I use drops of Hydroxygen. Especially if you have one of the problems I mentioned, breathing disorders, arthritis, arterial problems or osteoporosis you need to include the Silica Plus. And for a while, it might need to be moved up towards the top of your list of important products you need to take. There is also Silica in Major Mineral Plus, so if you don't have a real serious situation that calls for extras doses of Silica, then the Major Minerals will be sufficient to get the Silica that you need.


Consider adding the Silica Plus into your regimen. You can take it in water, juice or tea. Or you can do what I said, swap back and forth throughout the day between Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) and Silica Plus. They both taste good and are easy to do, plus you get another benefit if you add it to water because it encourages you to drink more of that good stuff that our bodies are two-thirds of, water.


Good health and long life,


Pam McCaa aka "Oxygen Lady"

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