Before you read the information below, I wanted to give you my personal thoughts in regard to as well as my personal experience with progesterone.


In the very first book I read on health and nutrition, Adele Davis predicted that if the dietary habits continued on as they were when she started writing (over 40 years ago), then women would begin to look and act like men and men would begin to look and act like women. Little did she know how right she would prove to be. There is a tremendous amount of hormonal imbalance among people these days.


I personally was first introduced to the concept of progesterone about 5-6 years ago. The company that had the progesterone cream touted their product as being the "best one" on the market (don't they all). Years later, in 1998, in the book called "The Enzyme Cure" by Lita Lee there were two pages devoted to an Independent Laboratory analysis on most of the major brands of progesterone creams on the market. The one I had first been exposed to had only 10-20 mg of progesterone per ounce. There were 8 brands that were at that level. Some (7 other brands) were as low as 5 mg per ounce. And yet there were some on the market that had 400-500 mg per ounce. Whoa! What a spread. No wonder some women were not experiencing any benefits or results.


The first one I tried was greasy, smelled funny and like the majority of them were in a jar. What's wrong with it being in a jar? When you dip your finger in it, you can contaminate and spoil the remaining product left in the jar. Bad news for an expensive jar of cream you need to last a full 30 days.


With the one I'm using now, ProgestAroma, its in a nice handy tube, smells great and is not greasy. And it has a full 500 mg of progesterone per ounce. I really love it.


One of the Naturopathic Doctors on our team has been testing the ProgestAroma on his patients and is totally amazed by the product. He himself recently had a severe headache that was so bad that he was nauseous. Fortunately, his wife had her care bag in the car, so while she stayed in the restaurant, he went out to the car and rubbed some on and by the time he came back in, it was almost completely gone!


If you read about the Xenobiotics below, you will see one of the causes of imbalance in the area of hormones. I would also suggest you read the article written by Sherrill Sellman found on this website called Physiology of Hormones.


Pam McCaa aka "Oxygen Lady"

Progesterone - Who Needs It?

Why do YOU need ProgestAroma? 


Do you have any of these problems?


These symptoms occur in a majority of today's women. They are caused by hormonal imbalances, especially by an excess of estrogen hormones and a deficiency of the progesterone hormone.


The Solution? ProgestAroma…a natural pharmaceutical grade progesterone. Finally - your progesterone experience will be a pleasant one! Isn't it time to give Nature a turn to provide our bodies with what is necessary?


Hormones Make the Call 


Hormones are communicators. The job of the hormone molecule is to give our body's cells the instructions that tell the cells what to do. The cells, then, go looking for the nutrient material that is required to fulfill that cell's mission.


Regarding ProgestAroma: an exact progesterone molecule is required for proper cell communication. ProgestAroma contains a plant sourced (from soy), all natural (not synthetic), pharmaceutical grade progesterone. The molecular structure of ProgestAroma's progesterone is the exact structure needed for proper cellular communication. Synthetic hormones do not deliver the right message to the cells.


ProgestAroma cream is the safest, most effective way to deliver this hormone. Only 10 - 20% of oral dose progesterone gets to the body as progesterone. Oral Progesterone also has some undesirable effects and should be avoided.


What is ProgestAroma? 


ProgestAroma is a unique, aromatherapy formula that contains pharmaceutical-grade progesterone. ProgestAroma's pure essential oils have a fragrance that appeals to men and women alike. This non-staining, fast-absorbing formula will make your Progesterone experience a pleasant one. Progesterone assists in balancing the body's endocrine system. This includes acting as a precursor to the steroid hormones, maintaining pregnancy and other reproductive functions as well as many intrinsic, or built-in, regulatory functions. ProgestAroma's aromatherapy oils are imported from Europe. The finest oils are used in this product. Why do we use these oils? Using aromatherapy oils in ProgestAroma allows us to offer you multiple benefits:







What are Xenobiotics and how do they affect you? Xenobiotics are foreign substances originating outside the body that have a hormone-like activity in the body, and thus a profound impact on hormone balance. Nearly all xenobiotics are derived from petroleum oil. In the fuel driven world of today, it is a certainty that these xenobiotics are all around us and that our bodies are absorbing them as well.


Xenobiotics, or xenoestrogen, are hormone mimics. When these estrogen like molecules are accepted by the cell, because of their close resemblance to natural estrogen, the cell gets a contaminated message, or no message. Both scenarios create hormonal havoc. The only hormone material that you should use is natural progesterone material. If even one atom is missing from a hormone molecule, the hormone message will be incorrect.


Industrialized countries are bombarded by xenobiotics. These xenoestrogens are a result of herbicides and pesticides in our food supply. It is critical to replace these hormone mimics with the correct progesterone molecule. You can use ProgestAroma with confidence!




PMS - Premenstrual Syndrome…..What woman has not experienced at least one symptom of PMS? The list is endless; bloating, weight gain, headaches, backaches, irritability, depression, breast swelling or tenderness, loss of libido, cramps, fatigue, confusion and disorientation, poor judgment and decision-making, mood swings, body aches, anger and verbal abuse, lethargy alternating with increased energy, alienation, lack of self-esteem and cravings for sweets, especially chocolate. It is amazing to note that these are the same symptoms caused by estrogen dominance. Does that mean that by using a natural progesterone product, such as ProgestAroma, we can alleviate these symptoms? The answer is YES! It is comforting to know that we can restore our hormonal balance the natural way!


Natural vs Synthetic


Is it nature's turn to balance our bodies? Why natural as opposed to synthetic hormones? Progestins are not the same as natural progesterone. Progestins are chemical alterations of progesterone. Progesterone and Progestins behave differently in the body. Synthetic progestins, because they are not exact replicas of the body's natural progesterone, unfortunately create a long list of side effects, some of which can be quite severe. Natural Progesterone, such as the pharmaceutical progesterone in ProgestAroma has no known side effects and helps keep our bodies in balance.


Men's Issues 


Can ProgestAroma benefit men? YES… Men can suffer from hormonal imbalances too. Progesterone is synthesized by men's testes to produce testosterone. Testosterone, in a similar fashion to progesterone, is able to stimulate new bone growth, thus increasing bone density. Men treated with natural progesterone experienced beneficial side effects. Such as improved urine flow, with less pressure on their prostate gland, plus noticeable decrease in nightly urination, increased libido, and a marked increase in DHEA.


Infertility, Early Miscarriages and Post Natal Depression


What do all of the above have in common? They are all related to low progesterone levels. 


Estrogen dominance, caused by a progesterone deficiency, seems to stimulate the ovaries to over-produce follicles, which combined with delayed child bearing, results in an early burn out of follicles.


Early loss of pregnancy is now thought to be caused by a failure of the ovaries to produce progesterone in a sufficiently increasing amount during the first several weeks after fertilization. After the first two months of pregnancy, placenta-driven progesterone rises to a level to sustain the pregnancy. At this point the ovaries' contribution to progesterone production is not necessary.


After giving birth, this placenta-driven progesterone is suddenly gone, and if the adrenal glands, the primary resource of progesterone at this time, is exhausted, there will be insufficient progesterone produced. Since progesterone is a natural anti-depressant, it can become the first line of defense to fight post partum depression.


Essential Oils 


Sandalwood - Used as a sedative and tonic. Reduces nervous tension, stress, anxiety and depression. Fosters awareness and is used as a meditation aid. Can be used for all skin types.


Lavender - Refreshing and calming, it is used to treat depression and headaches. Clears the head, increases mental alertness. Aids in relieving nervous exhaustion.


Geranium - Useful with premenstrual tension. May assist with stimulating the lymphatic system which keeps infection at bay. It is antiseptic and an anti-depressant.


Orange - It is an anti-depressant, and is antiseptic. Used to relieve depression and stress.

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