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Why Do You Need Them?

Most people get confused between trace minerals and major minerals. With a now famous cassette tape that started the health "rage" of trace minerals, the thought of major minerals got shoved to the background. Yes, we do need most minerals in trace amounts. But you still need certain minerals that the body uses a lot of in comparatively mega amounts. Have you ever wondered if you could only choose one type of nutrient, which is the most important?


After oxygen of course, between vitamins and minerals, minerals win hands down. Why is that? Let me quote from "The Miracles of Minerals" by Albert Carter: "you can stay well by taking minerals, without vitamin supplements, but you will not remain well by taking vitamins without minerals ..." This is because your body can manufacture most of the vitamins it needs if you supply it with the building blocks in the form of minerals to do the job.


Minerals are considered the spark plugs of life. I will tell you an interesting visual example that one of my educated customers used that helped me. If you filled a bathtub full of distilled water (no minerals present), got into it, threw in a plugged in, turned on blow dryer into the water, you would not get electrocuted (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME)!  Because there are no minerals in distilled water, no electricity would be conducted through the water. Well you are 70% water, your brain is 90% water. The cells in your body communicate electrically. The cells need minerals to conduct or carry their messages. So after oxygen and water, minerals are the next most important element to be taken into the body. Some of the minerals your body only needs in trace amounts, but there are others used by the body to create structure so you need them in mega amounts like calcium, magnesium, potassium, chromium, silica, etc.


We've already talked about the value and importance of liquids for absorption. If you remember me mentioning in the "Why Being Raided ..." article about my 70+ year old friend that had been taking pills for years. The first time she swallowed our liquid mineral product, she immediately experienced a rush to her brain. Yes she had been taking pills and "liquid colloidal minerals" for years. But her brain was starving for minerals it could actually use. Once again, she had been paying to keep her toilet healthy.


What's the Plus in the Mega Minerals? Besides having the important minerals in mega amounts, it also has trace minerals and a Probiotic. Probiotics are needed to keep your digestive tract running smoothly. In addition, it contains some of the very important joint support elements of Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosimine Sulfate and Boron.


Again I have to repeat what I said on the Daily Vita Plus page: some of my customers have become what I refer to as "universal reactors" which means that they are so overloaded with toxins that they can not tolerate anything anymore. These people usually have become so allergic to anything and everything. I have quite a few of these types that are now using all these products and are so excited finally to be able to find something they aren't allergic to.


The most important product that we have in our lineup is definitely the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus), but the second or third most important product is Mega Minerals Plus. If you can only afford to, then put Mega Minerals Plus as one of the products on your "must have" list. Order some today and you'll really feel the difference in your life.


Good health and long life,

Pam McCaa

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