I'm Sick to Death of Taking Handfuls of Pills!

I don't know if you're like me, but I had personally gotten real sick and tired of taking handfuls of pills. I had become so sick of looking at all those bottles of pills. The time spent counting them out, the chore of swallowing them - not to mention the expense. I had finally gotten to the point that I had just totally stopped because of the dread of it all.

I am an avid reader of health and nutrition. In fact, I consider that to be my recreational reading. I am really passionate about nutrition. I have read dozens and dozens of books on the subject. My Mother has about 300 books on nutrition in her library and she has been involved with health since 1969. So I would venture to say I know more on the subject than the average "Joe" of what to take and how much etc. But YUCK, I just could not do it anymore!


Did I suffer because I had stopped? Of course I did! I've frequently advised people that it's virtually impossible in today's society to get the nutrients we need from our food. In reality, you probably can't eat enough food in a day to get what you need. The soils are depleted and our water is dead. You really need to add supplements to your diet to be healthy unless you are able to grow your own food.


I've also stressed for years that "it's not what you eat or take, it's what you assimilate". I've said that most people have "real healthy toilets". Well I personally didn't want a healthy toilet and I sure hated how much it was costing to keeping my toilet more healthy than me.


I also learned some years back that you only get about 10-15% out of a pill. A lot of septic tanks are full of undigested pills, so most people don't even get that much. Ask any nurse that's empties bed pans if you don't believe me. In fact, Its a fact... according to the 1996 Physician's Desk Reference (page 1542), vitamins in pill form are only 10% to 20% absorbed in the body. That means for every $100 you spend on nutritional tablets, you’re flushing $90 down the toilet!


I read recently that most humans actually die from kidney failure (which ends up creating a heart attack). A veterinarian told me that was also true in regard to animals. Well, if you take handfuls of pills and only get 15% out of it, what do you think that does to your kidneys and liver? It puts a lot of stress on them. You are working your kidney and liver to death. Not a good idea. I knew there had to be a solution. Doing nothing anymore was definitely not good. But taking handfuls of pills was really not much better and I hated doing it.


I was very fortunate to have discovered the importance of Oxygen way back in 1987. If you read the story: Why Being Raided by the FDA was the Best Thing that ever Happened to Me!, then you know that after more than a 10 year search for an Oxygen product I was very fortunate to find the product that I was looking for.


I became a member (so I could buy the products at a discount) that very evening and the following day I called the company with some more  technical questions. The receptionist passed the call on and I spoke with Everett Hale for over an hour (I later found out he is the President of the company). I had just finished reading my second book (over 400 pages) on the current rage in the health industry, HGH-Human Growth Hormone (or youth hormone for us older folks). I realized that Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) was only missing one amino acid necessary for your body to have the building blocks necessary to create it's own HGH, a much safer method than messing around with your hormones. I ended up faxing him a dozen pages out of one of my books. The following week they made a corporate decision to add that one missing amino acid. Yahoo!


Among the many things I asked was, What other products do you have? They only had two and so I wanted to know what else they had on the drawing board. He told me that their next product was going to be a liquid vitamin. I practically yelled in the receiver "WHEN????" That was something I was also desperately needing for myself.


So their 3rd product, Daily Vita Plus, ended up being released 7 months later. It took them all that time to do the research in order to develop it. Of course I am a big skeptic and a very big baby about how things taste. I know that if something doesn't taste good, I just won't do it. I don't care if it made me look like I was 18 again, I just won't stick to it.


When we finally got it, I was so happy that it tasted great. And even kids love it too. This one bottle replaces 5-6 bottles of pills! The other thing I noticed was that it had NO MINERALS in it. I was so shocked by that. Why? Because minerals are a "reducing agent". If they are present in the same bottle as your vitamins, they are reducing the potency of the vitamins as they are sitting there on the shelf. I had read that many years ago, but never found a company that was smart enough to do that.


So even though the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) has trace minerals, they knew that you still needed more than trace amounts of some minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, chromium, etc. So Major Minerals Plus was the fourth product they introduced two months later. That one was really a tough undertaking because it is much more difficult to mask the taste of minerals. Well they really out did themselves and I was thrilled. I literally hugged the lady VP at the convention when I tasted them for the first time.


Since all these products are liquid, your body is able to assimilate them almost immediately. They are easy to take and each bottle is a month's supply. You take the vitamins in the morning and the minerals at night. Put the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) or Silica Plus in everything you drink throughout the day, it tastes like squeezing a lemon in your water.. It's all soooooooooo simple to do.


Notice that all the products have the word Plus at the end: Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus), Silica Plus, Daily Vita Plus and Major Mineral Plus. That's because they give you something extra in each product. Like the Silica Plus has ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in it so that you are able to assimilate that mineral that is usually very difficult to do. I have a friend here locally, that is in her late 70's and she has been involved in health and nutrition for about 45 years. After using the Silica Plus for a few months, she showed me her long fingernails and said she had never had long pretty nails in her entire life. Was she excited! I later found out that when she was young, she was a model. No wonder she was excited. I looked at the skin on her face and was amazed at how much younger she was looking. I actually was envious of her how her skin looked on her face. I went straight home and ordered Silica Plus.


I hadn't tried the Silica Plus yet, because I had become a member solely for the Oxygen product, Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus). I decided to try some and after a few weeks of taking it, got up one morning, looked in the mirror and said "oh my goodness"! The skin on my face had dramatically improved. And then later, I was growing fingernails for the first time in my life. Little things like that are exciting enough, but when the Silica Plus helps people you know who have major breathing disorders like chronic asthma (read my friend Tommy Jo's testimonial), bronchitis or emphysema, that is really something to get excited about. Or how about when your friends with arthritis or osteoporosis are helped. I've had two friends in their 70's & late 80's who have several major falls who didn't break any bones. They had been taking the Silica Plus faithfully for about a year. Usually when they fall at that age, they break their hips and go downhill from there. That alone simply amazes me.


The Plus in Daily Vita besides the regular vitamins, you get amino acids, Coenzyme Q10, MSM, two world class joint support products - Glucosimine Sulfate & CMO (cetyl myristoleate and cetyl oleate) and then on top of that, you get Essential Fatty Acids all in one bottle. They suggest you take that once in the morning in juice or water. It tastes so good, some people just swallow it straight.


The Plus in the Major Minerals is a probiotic. And the minerals are easily absorbable. The first time my 75+ year old friend swallowed that product, she actually got a rush to her brain. Even though taking minerals for years, her brain had actually been starving for minerals.


I whole heartedly agree with Dr. Schultz, who says: "There is no such thing as an incurable disease". I know that's true from what I've witnessed with my own two eyes. The body is capable of healing and repairing itself if it is given what it needs delivered to the cellular level. Again, "it's not what you eat or take, it's what you assimilate", that is the key.  Are your cells assimilating what you are taking? Well, your cells sure can with these products. Feed Oxygen and nutrients to your cells and be healthy.


So, that's why I say "being raided by the FDA was the best thing that ever happened to me?  It is because of the FDA, that I ended up having to search for an oxygen product that I could talk about. I finally found this company and these wonderful products.


I encourage you to give some of these products a try. If nothing else, give yourself a huge gift and start using the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus). It will help you get more out of whatever else you are taking and give you the Oxygen, trace minerals, amino acids and enzymes your body needs. It's their least expensive product and their most important product. Their second least expensive product and ironically their second most important one is the Major Minerals Plus. Again, the company offers a money back guarantee on all their products so try some of them as soon as possible, you'll be glad you did.


Healthy regards,


Pam McCaa aka "Oxygen Lady"

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