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What's the Plus in Daily Vita?

If you've read my story "I'm Sick to Death of Taking Handfuls of Pills," then you already know that I personally had gotten real sick and tired of taking handfuls of pills. I had already been teaching people that "it's not what you eat or take, it's what you assimilate" and this is the real key to healthy cells. You are only as healthy as your cells, since you are made up of trillions of different cells. It's similar to a chain being as strong as it's weakest link.


There are lots of people that are trying to help themselves get healthy or stay healthy that are pretty much wasting time and money taking their supplements in pill form. Of course we know that whatever you take, it must be broken down to the cellular level in order to be of any use. It really makes a lot of sense that the ultimate way would be a liquid. In addition, this saves a lot of your energy so that it can be doing cleansing and repair work, instead of working on breaking pills down. Besides, isn't liquids the way infants get their nourishment for the first part of their life?


Do you still adhere to the old theory that you have to take "massive doses" of vitamins in order to get results. That theory came about because you have only been getting 10-15% so you need to take sometimes thousands of milligrams of a nutrient and then you just pass the rest out into the toilet. For instance, if you take 1000 milligrams of Vitamin C, but you only assimilate 10-15%, then you only get maybe 150 milligrams and guess where the rest goes. Just like I said, you are really paying for a healthy toilet. Doesn't it make more sense to take something in a liquid form that the body can use almost as soon as you swallow it?


Homeopathic theory teaches that less is more. That's because the smaller the dose, the quicker the cells can use it, because it is small enough not to have to be broken down.  I have had first hand experience in that field since I was a teenager and know that theory works. So in reality, overdosing is not the best method to get something to the cells. The Daily Vita Plus is so great because of almost instant absorption.


It also takes the place of about 6 different bottles of pills you might be already taking. Along with the regular vitamins, you get amino acids, MSM, Coenzyme Q10, 2 joint support products - Glucosimine sulfate & CMO (cetyl myristoleate and cetyl oleate) and Essential Fatty Acids. And because they are manufactured in a FDA monitored facility, their product has to have exactly what it says on the label inside the bottle. There are probably less than 10% of the products on the market that are even willing to be manufactured in a FDA monitored facility.


I know one couple that were spending $70 per month just for good quality Coenzyme Q10 for the two of them. So Daily Vita Plus not only simplifies your life, it really saves you money in two ways. #1 You are going to assimilate more and stop paying for a healthy toilet and #2 Daily Vita Plus replaces 5 or 6 bottles of product you don't have to buy anymore. And there are no minerals added that are reducing the vitamins down while it sits there on the shelf. Most people don't realize how much they are spending because they run out of one or two products at a time.


Here is a testimony received by the company: "Thank you so much for your Daily Vita Plus product. It is allowing me to maintain my entire nutrition program a 1/4th the cost of what I used to pay. With Daily Vita Plus, I no longer need to buy additional bottles of Coenzyme Q10, CMO, MSM and flax seed oil (for essential fatty acids). I live on a fixed pension and Daily Vita Plus really helps my budget." --H.D. New York, NY


One other thing of importance I need to mention about Daily Vita Plus. Our products are what we call "family friendly". What we mean is that the whole family can use these products. Children absolutely love the taste. So once again, it simplifies keeping the whole family healthy.


I almost forgot this, some of my customers have become what I refer to as "universal reactors" which means that they are so overloaded with toxins that they can not tolerate anything anymore. They usually have become so allergic to anything and everything. I have quite a few of these types that are using all these products and are so excited finally to be able to find something they aren't allergic to.


I invite you to experience the Daily Vita Plus as soon as possible. You will be able to eliminate at least 5 or 6 bottles of pills and you will be doing your body and your budget a big favor. Besides, you'll actually look forward to taking Daily Vita Plus like you never did before with those handfuls of pills you are taking now.


Good health and long life,


Pam McCaa

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